3 Times Your Insurance Will Request a Professional Land Surveyor Report

Home ownership comes with many responsibilities including the need to obtain and maintain home insurance. When you start the process to obtain insurance, you may find that there are several types and additions depending on your location and home type. Some of these will require a professional land surveyor. Here are those moments and what you need to know about each one.

Flood Insurance

If you leave in a known flood zone or on the coastlines, then you already know flood insurance will likely be necessary. This means you will need to have a land surveyor come in and check the topographical area for the various flood lines that may run through your property. This directly connects to the drainage in the area, any issues with flooding, and will give the insurance company an idea of your chances for flooding in normal circumstances and extreme weather conditions. This will determine your premium costs and the level of flood insurance you will need to obtain.

Fencing Placement

You will likely have a time when you want to place a fence on your property. If you have certain insurance coverage on your property, the company may require that you have a full land survey to show where the fence will be placed and what part of the insured property will be covered in the fenced in area. This can connect directly to any pets you will have in the fence, any chances of liability issues from the fencing or what is outside of the fenced area, and the land that will be outside the fenced area as it relates to different insurance guidelines. The surveyor can give you the documents you need that show the line of the fence and can give you a land survey for the area that may not be included if you choose to only have a part of the property fenced.

Oil and Gas Lines

There may be a time when you will need to have renovations or upgrades done to the home and other buildings. This may include oil and gas lines that will be capped off, removed, or placed for the home. Your insurance company, as well as the local urban planning office, may require that you have a professional land survey from a certified surveyor. This will show the current oil and gas lines, where others can be placed, and what needs to happen if any oil and gas lines connect to main lines for the area. This can affect your insurance risk factor and be vital to your premium costs.

You may believe that one survey will do for all of your needs. This is not necessarily true. Keep in mind, some land surveys are simply to determine land boundaries while others are topographical or for urban planning guidelines. For this reason, make sure if you hire the land surveyor they know exactly what you need for the specific insurance request.