3 Useful Features to Look For in an Irrigation Timer

If you're setting up a new sprinkler irrigation system in your garden, then it makes sense to automate the system if you can. Adding a programmable timer control to the mix makes things easier to control.

You simply set the timer to automatically turn your sprinklers on and off at specific times. Your lawn and plants get the water they need and you don't have to do any work.

While any timer helps your irrigation system run smoothly, some products have extra features that are particularly useful. What should you look out for?

1. Multiple Programs

Some irrigation timers have basic timing functions. You get a couple of options that run every day.

If you buy a timer with multiple programs, then your sprinklers become more flexible. For example, you can set them in advance to work at different times on different days, to skip days or to work every few days.

While this is useful on a regular basis, it also helps a lot when you're on holiday. You can keep your garden ticking over without overwatering it.

2. Rain Sensors and Delay

Some automated sprinkler controllers stick to their timers rigidly. They'll turn your system on no matter what the weather. This can waste water and overwater your plants.

For example, if you have heavy rain, then the last thing you need is for your sprinklers to come on in the middle of the shower or even shortly afterwards. If your timer has a rain sensor and delay system, then you prevent this from happening.

The controller can tell when it is raining or has just rained. If you set its rain delay function, it won't turn itself on to its timer as usual. It will wait a set number of hours or until its next scheduled turn-on time.

3. Water Budgeting

You don't need to water your garden at the same rate all through the year. However, some irrigation systems dispense a set amount of water whenever they work. This wastes water that your garden doesn't always need.

Some timer controls also have a budgeting feature. You can reduce the amount of the water that comes out of the system at any given time. So, in cooler months where your garden needs less water, you turn the tap down by a certain percentage.  

To find out more about useful irrigation system features, contact local sprinkler installation technicians. They can help you choose the right solution that does everything you need.